Chris Lang has a wealth of experience building brands through various means since 2011, such as ad buying, graphic design, photography, social media management, video, and website design.

He places storytelling at the core of his approach, which he believes is essential to captivate audiences and promote engagement.



Chris's entrepreneurial spirit led him to start his own brand using Shopify in 2016, called Organ Mountain Outfitters, which focuses on the southwest lifestyle while giving back to the community with every purchase (over 500,000 meals).

His success as a brand owner allowed him to gain recognition and become a partner at Fresh Chile & Rio Grande Winery.

LNG Agency has been the backbone of these portfolio Shopify brands generating over 8 figures in revenue.



The creative team has worked with with international clients like Virgin Galactic and startups that are looking to tell their story through Shopify. 

From DTR ads, packaging design, photography, video, and more we understand our role is to give people a reason to buy and a reason to buy now.

Sponsorships: BlackMagic Design
Advisor: New Mexico State University